Great news folks. ING has increased their rates on the savings accounts. The rate as of today is a whopping 4.50%!!!!!! That means more money for you and me.

If you don’t already have an ING account (bad, bad you!) hurry up and click on the orange box on the right side of the screen and set one up.

It is REALLY easy to set up your account online….and you get GREAT interest rates! Much, MUCH better than what you would get at a regular bank.

It takes just a few clicks to transfer your money back to your regular checking account, although you won’t want to with the great interest rates that you can get from ING.

So go ahead…click….set up your ING account….and come back here to read more great stuff. Tell your friends too….they can all access the ING site from my little orange box on the right side of these posts.

As I have stated before (and if you don’t know then you better go back and read the previous posts!) I love my ING.