I am starting to use coupons again simply because they are now more available to me. When I moved here for school I was having a hard time finding coupons to use because they were just in limited supply from my usual avenues.

I used to get free coupons from the newspaper because I had been given a free subscription to it. That paper contained TWO sets of coupon inserts on a regular basis and would also have a special third insert once a month. It was really easy for me to gather enough coupons to make going to CVS or doing other shopping in person.

In this area, the newspaper only has one set of inserts and I would have to pay for it. I did purchase the paper a few times but found that the coupons I would actually use were not worth the cost of the paper.


I have recently been getting more coupons from magazine subscriptions and even got a few from online orders that I placed. This is leading to me starting to use coupons again because they are simply more plentiful right now. Now bear in mind that I am not starting to use coupons just because I have them. I am not going to buy things that I would not already use!!!

Just recently I got coupons for $1.00 off four cans of something I use on a regular basis. I can hold on to this coupon and use it next month when I need those items again, instead of ordering that in my monthly online order!!!! It will not cost me anything in gas because I will get those cans when I go to the store to get my perishable items like milk and fruits. Now $1.00 is not a lot, but I do have a few other coupons that will add up in the savings. They all have about 6 months til they expire and I should be needing those items before that time.