I am tired of seeing all the bloggers out there who keep ranting about people who are in debt but are not ‘doing anything about it’.

While I am not advocating being in debt by any means we need to realize that sometimes it is just the only way that you can survive. I remember a time not too long ago when I thought my world was going to end because I lost my job. During that time I had to rely on my credit cards because I did not have enough savings to carry me through the upcoming months.

This was not because I had gone out and spent all of my money frivolously, but because I did not have any money to start with. I had to take a large loan to go to school and then I spent most of the last seven years going to school. I was working part time in a minimum wage job….not by choice but because I had to. Enough about me and back to generalizations. Some people may be placed in a situation where they cannot do anything else but rack up more debt because they CAN only afford to pay the minimums on a credit card.

People sell plasma to get by sometimes because they cannot get another job. If you can clearly tell that someone is just sitting around and not doing anything then you may be justified in saying they need to get up and find another job. But if you do not know the details of the person’s life and how he or she got into the debt trap then you are just debtor bashing and that is not cool.