I signed up for the Bausch & Lomb Wear and Care club and got a nice surprise in the mail. I found the link on a blog and thought there was no way they were actually going to give away a one year supply of contact lens cases but I decided to give it a try any way.

UPDATE: The program has since ended and there is no word on the site when it will be up again.

The form was very simple to fill out and I received the following in the mail.

First I got the box and I was excited. I was trying to post the pictures up here but I am having technical issues now so the pictures are not coming up.

Then I opened the box and saw that there were really twelve cases inside. Bausch & Lomb recommends that you change your case every month to protect your eyes and reduce the amount of bacteria that your eyes are exposed to. I felt a bit bad because I only changed my cases about every two to three months so this clearly was not often enough.

The box also contained a small bottle of eye drops for some relief from those days when my eyes tend to get very dry. I am very grateful and so I am passing on the link. I am now able to save the money I would have been using to purchase new cases every few months.

If you wear contact lenses then this is a great deal for you for free.