To prevent yourself from fainting at the mall do NOT go into Saks Fifth Avenue stores and look at the fur coats. As I mentioned earlier I am at a conference right now. We got a break to have lunch and walk around so a few friends and I decided to walk around the mall. Some of them had never heard of the Saks store so I told them to come in with me.

One girl rushed over to look at the fur coats (although it is summer in Texas and it was about 96 degrees outside.)

She started to laugh and I heard her saying ‘this must be an error. Or maybe this is the stock number.’ I went over to look at what she was looking at and saw that she was holding up a mink coat. She said ‘I cannot believe the price is $21,000. This must be a mistake.’

I told her that it was probably correct because I know that mink is expensive and we WERE inside of a Saks store. Then she held up another coat and said it was chinchilla so I told her to put it down. She said she wanted to see the price and I told her she would not be able to handle it.

The chinchilla coat cost $180,000…….on sale. She said that those prices were going to make her faint so we needed to get out of that store in a hurry.

So the moral of the story is if you do not want to faint in the mall do not go into Saks stores.