I was watching Bachelor Pad recently, which is a spin off from The Bachelor and the Bachelorette. The final couple was competing for $250,000 but they were given a tough choice at the end on how to win the money. They were told that they had two choices when it came to the money:
Keep or
and they would be placed in separate rooms to decide.
If they both chose Share then they would split the money in half and each would win $125,000.

If they both chose Keep then they would lose the money and the entire amount would be split among the other contestants who had been kicked off the show all season.

If one chose Keep and one chose Share then the person who chose Keep would win the entire $250,000. The two contestants were a couple who had been dating on the show and they both ended up choosing Share, so they each won $125,000.

I think if I had been in a similar situation I would have chosen Share as well. My reasoning is if I am dating someone I would trust that the person would also choose Share and we could split the money. If the person chose Keep when I chose Share then if we were a true couple we would still be sharing the money once the show ended.

I would not choose Keep because I would not want to run the risk of us both choosing Keep and then losing the money to the rest of the cast who probably hated us anyway.

What would YOU have done?