Yes it is time to tell you what I did with my finances for the last month. I carefully tracked all of my income and expenses, some of them in a bit too much detail, but I kept a running total of everything.

I had $300 more income in May than I did in April, partly because of all the substitute work I was able to pull off. I was also able to write more for PayPerPost because my blog moved to a higher Google Page rank. This extra income has really been a boost for me and I have a special surprise planned for the money coming up soon.

Now for the part I need to just gloss over because I failed miserably. I did not keep my goal to exercise during the week. As a matter of fact I weighed myself and I have put the weight that I recently lost right back on. *Bloggers shake their collective heads in disbelief*

I have prayed more and I think it is starting to show now because I feel more relaxed and……..

Although I spent a lot more this month I was able to have income that amounted to $68.00 more than what I sent out this month so I was able to ‘technically’ save money this month. Of course I still send the monthly $2.00 to my never go back to Fresno fund and the other saving account as well.

It looks like I spent $82.69 on food so I guess that is why I put on so much weight. My goal for June is cut my spending on food down to $50 so we will see how that goes.

Til next time?..thinking of ways to make money online, save money and pay off debt!