Have you ever wondered why people blog? Do you bloggers out there read other blogs? Do you comment on other blogs or do you just think that yours is the best because you are the one who made it?

Do you make fun of people’s blogs? Why do you think some people are so mean in their blogs and why do they make fun of other people. I visited a few blogs and I was really saddened by some of the things I saw. People make fun of others and they sometimes do not even know the person they are talking about.

I really liked the blogs where people had something useful to say. Those are the ones where they reviewed a product or were just talking about a day in their lives. The stories are funny and make you see the kinds of things people experience every day. I think some people out there have really great ideas and I am enjoying reading their blogs.

I am still trying to find out what my blog should be about. Some people say it is best to just focus on one thing and make that the life of your blog. Others say you can have variety in your blog if you just make it about your daily life. I think both approaches are great but I am not sure if I would be able to just focus on one thing.

I did have an idea for one topic to focus on but I saw that someone already has a blog about it. I am going to see if anyone else does it and then I can try it if that would not be a conflict.

I am off now to view other blogs and get some inspiration…….or not!