Shrink My Stash is a series of monthly posts. In these I will post two separate times. The first will be the Goals for the upcoming month. The second post in the series will be the Update on the products used up during the month.

(If you are not reading this post at or in your feed reader, it may have been stolen from my site.)

I sometimes buy a lot of products or I buy in bulk because of discounts. Because of this I end up having a stash of certain items that need to be used up. Shrink My Stash will be a concerted effort on my part to make sure I use up the items and avoid waste or clutter.

The products for this month are:


-Celebrate. This is a cinnamon apple scent that is similar to Tis The Season. You can’t really see it but this candle has about one third left so I am confident I can get through it in a month.

-Iced Vanilla Woods. This is a fresh, airy vanilla scent.  I do not burn this candle every day but I hope to get all the way through by the end of the month so I can free up space.

Hand soap/Body wash:

-Boardwalk vanilla. This is in the bathroom and was featured in last month’s goal. I obviously did not finish it in January but since it is halfway I am sure I can be done with it in February.


-Frosted Coconut Snowball. A lovely blend of coconut with a hint of pineapple.


-Pink Vanilla Kiss. I wear this to bed since I wear perfume during the day for work. I also use mists when I am at home all day and working from home. I am sure I can finish this one if I would stick to using it daily until I am done. The problem is that I like to switch up my scents and always end up changing about once a week.


-Dove dry spray antiperspirant. I bought another bottle of this a long time ago and forgot I had this one in my stash. I am not a fan of the amount of spray you breathe in so I will not purchase this type of antiperspirant again. It is also not ‘dry’ on me at all.

This is the list of items I plan to use up by the end of the month. Let’s see how I do when I post the Shrink My Stash Update at the end of the month.