I did three loads of laundry today so I spent a total of $6.75 on the machines. I did manage to find one cent on the top of one of the washers so I added that to the coin container today. Apparently someone found it in their clothes while doing laundry and decided the penny was not worth keeping.

I think it is worth keeping so I put it into my jacket pocket and my coin jar is now 1 cent richer. Yippeeee!

I did not spend any other money today although I would have because I was supposed to go to WalMart today. In my excitement of making a shopping list I forgot to add milk and now I only have four cans left. That will definitely NOT last til the end of the month so I will have to spend some money on groceries in the next two weeks.

Honey finally started feeling a little better…we STILL don’t know what was wrong….so he is making the trip back down so he can go to work tomorrow.