Here are some of the latest blogs to send me some (much needed) linky love. These blogs have either commented here on How I Save Money or they have added me to their blogrolls.

Either way I say thank you because it means that there is someone out there who actually reads this other than me.

Her Every Cent Counts. Now this sounds like my kind of blog. Remember that I am the one who is picking up pennies in the street etc.

Fiscal Musings. This blog talks about everything from investments to how to save money on toothpaste.

Fluorescent Lights. I went over because the title made me think I would find something about how to save money by not using CFLs..although I did not see how that was possible. This is a very young blog but let’s keep it on the? blog radar (blogdar?)

Thanks for linking up and I encourage my readers to check out your blogs.