In another burst of link mania this blog has been mentioned on A Creative Desktop which is another highly ranked blog on the technorati scale. At the time of writing A Creative Desktop was ranked at 388 but when I checked it was up at 361. That was a big jump in a very short time.

Although the blog deals with other very technical issues one thing I found interesting is that they have been linking to all the reviews that John Chow has done in his link love spree where you review his blog. I wonder if that little exercise had anything to do with the rise of A Creative Desktop at all?

They also look for blogs and other websites that they think are ‘creative’ and interesting and look for projects on those sites to comment on. The site is simple and I think I will refer WebDev over there to have a look because that is his type of stuff.

The rest of you readers can go have a look at A Creative Desktop too. Who knows what you will find there.