Ok folks here?s the deal. I have Microsoft Money on my computer and that is what I use to track all of my finances. Today I guess it was tired of tracking every penny because the program decided to just not open up.I tried to uninstall it and reinstall but that did not work. I tried to restore from a backup file but the system is now claiming that my most recent backup was from December 2006. How can this be?.when it backs up each time I log out of it and I used the program just this morning.

So now since I cannot figure out what else to do I have to wait until next week when Honey comes up to visit. Now I have to check all of my bills and income the ?old fashioned? way?through the statements that come in the mail. Oh what a drag.

I am glad that I did not cancel any of my paper bills but now I have to (gasp) actually read everything when they come in the mail. Oh boy!

At least I have the online bill pay feature to take care getting the payments sent but until next week I will have to log in to each account to see what is taking place with my money (no pun intended)