Today I came home feeling really miserable. I have been sick for the last week and I had to miss two days of work. Now missing two days of work may not seem like a big deal but when you work for minimum wage then it is quite a lot.

So I felt a teeny bit better today and decided to try to make a few dollars today by going in to work for a few hours. I also had a meeting with my department head so I went to that after work because it was good information for my future.

I started to feel bad during the meeting and I had these LONG fits of coughing that made everyone turn around constantly….even though it was already explained at the beginning of the meeting that I was sick. Even so people kept giving me these disapproving looks like I was doing it on purpose or something.

Then I had to wait on the bus to get home and it started to get very cold because we were under a storm warning and tornado watch. By the time I got home I felt like I was going to die because my fever was starting to climb again and my throat was so raw from the constant coughing.

I turned the computer on and set Microsoft Money to download any updates from my accounts so I could be up to date (in my obsessive way) when I noticed a discrepancy in the figures. PayPal did not balance and I did not see why. I quickly logged in to my PayPal account and saw something unexpected. I had received a donation from someone who called it a random act of kindness. Wow!

I am not going to disclose the amount, or the person’s identity (unless that person wants me to) but it was just soooooooooo touching that I actually cried. Ok, ok I am very emotional…..but it still made me cry anyway.

Just think, this is someone who does not know me….this person is not related to me. This person does not have any obligations to me. Yet the person decided to perform a random act of kindness just because it felt right. I know I sound silly and sappy now but this means so much to me.

Just the fact that someone read my blog and said ‘hey this how i save money person is not too bad’ makes me feel so good inside. So I am sending out a big hug to you


and a million thanks. Even though you considered it to be a random act of kindness I consider it a major blessing. The money helps but the thought was so precious that you have no idea how much this made me feel better after being so down in the dumps all day.

It just goes to remind me how much God loves me…even though I am such an ungrateful wretch sometimes.

Thanks again for putting a rainbow in my rainy day.