Welcome to How I Save Money visits ! This will be a regular weekly posting of an article that I thought was interesting in some way. Here are my favorite articles from the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network from the last week.

Living off Dividends just Made over $2750 in Passive Income and this is truly inspiring to me.

Dollar Frugal talks about Eating Healthy vs. Eating Cheap . This is an issue that faces anyone who is trying to find ways to save money but still keep nutritious meals on the table so it is interesting to see how this plays out.

Dividends 4 Life talks about women coloring their hair and ties it in to raising dividends in a fun way.

Over at the LocoMono , Mark talks about leasing a new car . Hmmmmm. I guess I will have to investigate further to see why the decision was made to lease new rather than buy old.

The Saving Diva just put up her May Spending report which reminds me that I need to get started on my monthly update for all those who are dying to know about my spending and income for the month.

Here at How I Save Money, I spoke about changing the way I save money in ING because I realized that I was actually hurting myself and losing interest.