I am always looking for ways to save money and the latest one seems to be saving on my phone bill. I was recently on a prepaid phone plan in an effort to save money and I was paying $45 a month. I thought that was a pretty good deal but I only had 100 minutes on that plan.

I sometimes would talk more than that so I had to use different things to supplement my calling and I had some very spotty service for that price. I was saving on dollars but the added stress of dropped calls and having to constantly monitor minutes was making me crazy.

Nexus4 save on bill

I just entered a post paid shared plan with a trusted friend and I will be paying about $40 a month (the first bill was actually less than that but I think we still need to settle into the system) for unlimited minutes, texting and data.

This is financially a MUCH better deal and even though I may end up paying almost the same as I was in the past I will now have

-better coverage

-no worries about going over minutes

-no dropped calls (I hope)

I will still be able to log in and pay my portion of the bill on the website…so I can still earn points on my credit card for doing so. This will allow me to manage my zero based budget without having to worry about paying the other person in cash!

I am enjoying this new plan and the freedom of mind it gives me to know that I can use my phone as I want to but still only pay a certain amount for my bill every month. Since the new bill is less than what I originally planned for in my reduced student budget I can now either save the difference or move it over to another category.

I am actually going to split the difference between increasing another category for spending, adding to debt repayment  amounts and savings.