Have you been looking for some links back to your blog that are of high quality? Well, one of the easiest ways to get that is to a do a review of John Chow. He is offering the chance to get a link back from his blog which despite having a PR of 2 has a FABULOUSLY high technorati ranking.

So who is this John Chow dude anyway and WHY do I have a blidget advertising the latest posts from his site? Well John Chow’s site has many interesting posts and he updates multiple times a day. I have subscribed to his feed and every so often I see something new popping up that he has posted. The site says he is just rambling and you can tell from his many diverse posts that he thinks about a wide variety of issues.

The posts that I focus on are his money related ones because Save Money is really looking at different ways to both save and make money. I read a few of John Chow’s other posts like when he reviews a restaurant (which he seems to be doing a lot these days) because he does something else which I like. He puts up these large pictures that make you really see what he is talking about and it breaks up the monotony of reading a super long post.

Not that his posts are monotonous or anything…there are some really great reads in there (like this one) so poke around the site and I am sure you will get something that catches your attention. If his claims are true he is just raking in the dough from the internet right now because his site gets so much attention. Plus with his ‘review me’ posts you not only get to have a link from his VERY popular site…but he also gets to have MORE people link to him because they are also looking for a link. This increases his technorati ranking…which causes more people to want a link and….you get it. It is an ever increasing spiral that benefits everyone in some way or form.

So yes folks I have jumped on the John Chow bandwagon before he stops the reviews because I can use the link if he approves my post. And you guys all know that I do not link to or write about some blog unless I have gone through it and find something about it that I like.

Whew…this is it for this sunday morning….head over to John Chow.com and read on and get linked today.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but you can get paid to review this post by clicking on the image above.