I recently received what I thought was a nasty comment on one of my posts. Someone left some statements that I did not think were appropriate so I chose not to publish the comments. Then I saw this post called Edit/Delete/Ban on The Big Picture about comment spammers and other hateful people.

Now the thing I learned is that people will leave negative comments on other people’ s blogs to fire them up. This is in the hopes that the person will be so upset that they will visit the commentor’s blog and then write a post linking to the evil commentor….and that way they get a link to the person’s site.

Now I was upset by the person’s comments but I was NOT going to grace that person with a link back to my blog. Nor would I allow the comment to become public. I would simply write (as I am doing now) about the incident….but you would not know who it was….because I do not feel the need to give that person a link back to How I Save Money.

One thing I guess I need to clarify is that this site refers to how I save money. It is not called How to save money. It is not called How everyone else can make money online. It is simply things I have done to save myself a few extra cents each time.

When I get my interest rate lowered to me that qualifies as me saving money in the future. I do not have the money to pay off a card in full in one go so I would be paying a few dollars over the minimum for a few more months anyway. When the interest rate drops then I would still be paying over the same number of months….but I would have earned less interest charges…thereby I would have saved money.

This blog is not a how to manual for the masses. It is how I save money in my daily life interspersed with random excerpts of my life. I have never claimed to be a financial advisor in the past and I will not do so in the future. I think it is very hateful for someone to go to anyone’s blog and criticize them the way I was criticized. Your blog is your opinion.

Please do not come back to my blog and try to leave negativity here…..if you do not like what you see then click away to somewhere else.

It is really sad that you have nothing better to do than to put other people down….but I do have the power to do like The Big Picture and I will edit, delete and ban.