Good News: I finally got around to doing my taxes.

Bad News: It cost me $14.95.

I had been procrastinating about doing my taxes because it looked like I would have to pay this year. I even had a “Just In Case” fund set up in ING where I was diverting money to pay for my taxes in case I owed the government.

Then I realized that I had messed up somewhere and I was actually getting a refund so I had to start all over again.

I kept putting off doing my taxes over and over because I was really dreading having to part with more money. My reasoning was that if I had to pay then I would file very close to the end so I would be able to hold on to that money longer.

When I went over my information on Saturday and found the error I had made…I saw that I was going to get a refund. Yaay…incoming money.

The bad thing about this was that since I was supposed to be getting a refund I had now missed out on getting that money a long time ago.

I used H&R Block because I went through the IRS site where it was supposed to help you find free filing. I used it last year and was not charged but I did not read the fine print too well because it is only free if you make under a certain amount (which I made because I only started working full time part of the year since I was doing my internship at the beginning of the year.)

So I ended up paying $14.95 because I 

* did not read the fine print and

* was too lazy to start all over again.

I need to file that money under Stupid Tax because it could have been easily avoided.

Next year I will use Tax Act which is free for well above what I am making.