I am looking at my financial state this month and I think that April will be the best month since I lost my job. This month I am not paying rent since I am staying with family.

Not having to pay rent is a BIG reduction in my monthly bills since rent/mortgage tends to be one of the largest parts of any budget. I will be able to save money since I do not have this expense and I will simply keep that payment in my interest bearing checking account from ING.

I still have a cell phone bill to pay but this is $45 a month so it is not too bad. I do not have to pay for internet because I am using the WiFi from my family. This really helps a lot because I now have access to high speed internet but do not need to pay anything.

I have offered to pay towards bills but was told to just contribute towards food so that I can save money. I therefore buy my own food (since I eat a bit differently from the rest of the folks in the house) and buy a few common food items like pasta and condiments. These are things that everyone uses so it makes me feel like I am doing my part to help and not just being a leech on the working members of the household.

Here are the things that I will NOT pay  for during the month of April:





Here are the things that I will REDUCE for the month of April:



-Cell phone

Other things will not be affected in my budget. I will not be paying a car payment (because I paid off my car loan….and then sold my car) but I will continue to transfer the monthly payment to my Car fund because I think I will be getting a new (second hand) car in a few months. It is not going to be the Lexus RX350 which is my DREAM CAR but it will be a Point-A-to-Point-B kind of car as I move on to the next phase of my life. Things are still in limbo right now so I don’t want to go into detail but I promise to give updates once everything is confirmed.

In any case the cash flow for this month should be significantly better than the last few months because of the reduction in expenses and this will give a little breathing room in my budget.