I was recently in the market for a scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning kit and also some of their freshening gel packs. The kit cost $7.97 and the gel packs cost $3.97 so I was about to spend that money to get the items and just note the amount in my budget.

I picked up the first cleaning kit on the shelf and was about to put it in the cart when I noticed that the kit behind it had something stuck to it.

It was a coupon for a FREE gel pack if you buy the toilet cleaning kit. I was very happy about that since that would save me $3.97. Then when I picked up the gel pack there was a coupon for $1 off any scrubbing bubbles item..so I got that taken off the toilet cleaning kit.

These coupons are not always easy to find and it only worked out for me in this case because I had already committed to buying both items so I managed to save $4.97 off a $11.94 purchase!!!