I am so mad at myself for just taking $25 and basically throwing it in the trash. I recently got LASIK and as part of the treatment I have to use all these different eye drops.

I had one prescription that was running low and since I am one of those people who buys stuff in bulk I thought I would go and get the new bottle before the old one ran out.

I figured the current bottle would last about three more days so I went ahead and got the refill.

Then I ended up going in for a checkup and the doctor told me to stop using that particular prescription medicine and start using something else. I was to continue using EVERY other eye drop they had prescribed…..except for THAT particular one. They told me I could try to take the bottle back to WalMart so with a hop, skip and a jump I went off to Wally World.

WalMart does not refund prescriptions!

The lady at the counter told me she could not refund this nor exchange it and she called for the next customer.

I was a bit put off by this short treatment so since I was still standing right in front of her I asked why. I said I had just got it the day before and I had the receipt. I had not even opened the bag yet because the old bottle at home still had a few drops left.

She said she would talk to the head pharmacist and snatched the bottle from my hand. Wow. Bad day at work today buddy.

She spoke to the pharmacist for a few minutes and then motioned for me to come to the other end of the counter to speak to him. When I got there the pharmacist would not even look up at me and just said ‘I am too busy to deal with this right now”.


Poor Customer Service

I asked him why I could not get a refund. I really did not understand because WalMart is the land of the refunds. He said (rather rudely) that he did not know if I had kept the bottle out in the sun.


I said that I had not, but then what did that have to do with anything. He then went on to ask me how I would like to buy a prescription medicine that someone had left out in the car for days.

I replied that I would not like that but I was a bit confused since my receipt was for the day before and it has been cold all week.

The pharmacist then repeated that he was REALLY busy (as I could tell since he never lifted his head from the computer screen he was looking at) and in any case he was not about to commit a crime for me.

Whoa there.

I was not asking him to commit any crime as far as I knew.

When I asked what he was talking about he THEN decides to inform me that it is illegal for pharmacies to take prescriptions back.

Ok NOW I get it. Why didn’t they just tell me that before. I had no clue you could not return a prescription medication.

All they had to do was tell me that at the first register and all the unpleasantness would have been avoided.

Here’s to you Mr. Pharmacist at WalMart # &&&&. Minus 1000 points for customer service!!!!