Hello money savers! I missed a $1.50 off coupon by not carrying my little coupon book with me. Now while a  $1.50 off coupon is not that much the point is that I could have not paid that money by using my coupon.

I have a little coupon book that is really a small photo album that I bought at one of the places that I love to shop. It probably does not show up very well here but it is light blue and covered with glitter so it is a very attractive little book. I keep different coupons in there and since I carry a purse it is easy to fit my little book of coupons inside.

I took the book out of my purse so that I could sort through it to remove old coupons and add some new ones…..and forgot to put it back. Then I went shopping and bought a lip gloss that was on my list.

coupon book

A few days later as I am adding new coupons to the book I see the coupon for $1.50 off that lip gloss. It was too late to do anything about it but I will have to make sure I keep that coupon book in my purse ALL the time.

If I had kept the book in my purse then I would not have missed the opportunity to use my $1.50 off coupon.

I will also go back to my system of putting a star next to the items on my shopping list that I have a coupon for. The list is on my phone so it is easy to add the star but I just need to be consistent about it and when I go to check off an item on the shopping list then I will see that I have a coupon.