Well the month has ended again and I am posting the results of my monthly update with regards to my finances and goals.

The first thing I need to look at is my exercise goal. I was not able to stick to my plan of exercising three times a week because….face it I am lazy. I lost motivation to exercise very quickly and just could not stick to the plan. Since I am now two lbs away from ‘never reach this weight’ amount I have to start something now…..plus all my cute clothes don’t fit any more. Sigh.

I was able to stick to my budgets and I did not fudge any of the numbers so you are seeing an accurate picture of what came in and what went out for the month.

I started off really well with not worrying and with praying more but then some stuff happened during the month and especially on the last day of the month that just really riled me up so I guess I failed on that too.

I missed a few days of church by just being lazy or hanging out with friends when I should have gone. Now that I have the car back there is no excuse for missing service. There is a church within walking distance that is different from my Catholic church but I guess I could still go there if I wake up early.

I spent a whopping $98.00 on food this month (I must have been really hungry) but I still have some stuff left over so I guess some of that needs to be reallocated. I am not going to do it though.

It was generally a good month but due to the events of today next week is going to be rough. I will not be doing a daily report on my income and expenditure for the month of May….it is going to be too depressing.

Til next time…..thinking of ways to make money online, save money and pay off debt!