So my apartment company has just informed me that they will be changing the way that rent can be paid next year. Currently I can pay my rent online via  the following methods:

-credit card

-debit card

-automatic check

or I can walk into the office with a money order.

All of the methods are free of charge so I opted to pay my rent via credit card so that I could earn points for the transaction. This was free but the complex is changing over to a new system and we will now be charged for using a credit card.

The fee for credit card payments will be $19.95 which I think is utterly ridiculous!!!!!

I guess I will now be paying via debit card, since I can use my ING debit card to make the payments. I am just upset about this because I will no longer be able to earn points for purchases so that is a loss of potential income for me, even though it was a very small amount.

I thought about using the automatic check function since that would be the same as the money coming directly out of my account but I feel a little bit safer using the debit card option.