I need new pots and pans but I really don’t want to go shopping for them.  When I moved here for school two years ago I bought a really cheap set of pots and pans because that was all I could afford.

I usually take very good care of my things and they last me a long time…BUT my first room mate used my things when I was not at home and ended up using some of my pans. The bad thing is she used metal utensils on my pots and pans and scraped some of the lining.  She also melted some of my plastic spatulas but that is a different story.

In any case, the lining of my non-stick pans has slowly been flaking off and I know it is dangerous to have those flecks in my food.  I will need to replace at least three items but I dread the thought of having to spend more money now because I thought they would last my entire school career.

My plan is to look for what I want in the store…..but to order it online so I can get the points from Swagbucks as well as getting the cash back from my credit card.