I have decided to post my weekly spending for the previous week on Fridays so you know how my cash has been flowing for the week. Please note that I get paid on the last day of the month so my cash flow net effect will usually be negative until the last day of the month.

This does not mean that I am adding to my debt, it just means that the money coming in is less than the money going out because bills are due starting on the first but I don’t get paid until the last day.

So again to clarify (since I get so many questions), this shows the cash FLOW for the month. On Day 2 of every month I will have a negative FLOW because I have paid rent etc so money has LEFT my checking account. I have not had any money come in on Day 2 of the current month since I got paid on day 27 or 30 or 31 of the previous month so that income is counted for LAST month.

twentyIncome for the month to date: $457.86

Expenses for the month to date: $1247.91

Net effect: -$790.05

Since the last posting I spent $23.35 including tip to treat a friend to pizza for the weekend and we got three medium pizzas that lasted all weekend. Spending on food for the week amounted to $37.05 and I got some more cherries and pasta meals. Gas cost me $23.34 as I needed to fill up after making a few trips more than I expected and I have $16.27 left on the gas budget for the month.

I got another $3 check from PineCone for doing a little survey, and $4.86 from Lending Club for repaid loans and that went straight into the snowflake fund to pay for debt later on in the month.

I made the final payment on the GE Money card which is the card I used when I got LASIK and then later used to pay for my dental bills when I had my wisdom tooth removed. This card will be at a ZERO balance as of next week when the payment clears. This means I have just gotten rid of another debt and I am totally free of CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!!

Paid the internet bill to the tune of $50.96 which is less than the budgeted amount of $100. I am keeping the original budgeted amount because I might decide to get cable again or I might upgrade my internet even further, I just have not decided yet and I do not want to tweak that part of the budget.

I will see you guys and gals later as I continue my journey to save money and become debt free!!!!