Here is the breakdown of my income and expenses for the first week of January 2012.

  • Income to date: $232.16
  • Expenses to date: 928.87
  • Cash flow to date: -$696.71

I received $7.93 from my Lending Club investment this week and also got $220 in private advertising.

I paid $65 on the shared cell phone bill, even though I was told I did not have to pay anything since I have not been working. I still want to contribute to the bills while I can so I reduced the amount that I normally pay.

I spent $8.60 on household items which included the purchase of a large desk calendar for the current year. I keep it tacked on the wall because I do not have a desk that is wide enough for it and it is also easier to see from all around the room that way.

I spent $46.91 on food for the week. The (not so) funny thing was that I bought eggs and made sure to carefully check each one for cracks. I found two that were damaged and I replaced them so that I would have a perfect set of eggs. I had a few things in my hand and when I got into the house the bag with the eggs fell to the ground. When I opened carton I saw that TWO of my eggs were broken. I was a little upset by that but hey it is just two eggs right?

I am still working on a few things and hope to see my situation improve quite soon.