First off I need to say Happy Independence to St. Lucia today!

Today I broke down and spent $20.02 on TONS of pizza. I know that was a really frivolous spending spree but I have this migraine that is not going away no matter what I do. I do not have any food that was prepared and I am going to need something to take to work with me tomorrow since I will be out all day.

So yes I gave away some money to Domino’s Pizza and I now have pizza to last until about Monday even if I eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner….with pizza snacks in between. This spending for the day has basically wiped out the money I got from Cash Duck so I will be needing to do complete some more offers to see if I can replace some of that money.

I almost got a penny on the bus today. It was lying next to the bus driver’s bag so I thought it might be his so I did not pick it up. Now I am wondering if he even noticed and if he did, did he pick it up or think it was not worth the effort. If he did not pick it up then I will be upset because he also sweeps the bus and I hope the money did not get swept out with the trash.

I have been really good about the spending this month but today I really felt like I needed to treat myself because I have had a bumpy week for the most part.

I do not feel like I have trashed my budget even though I did not initially allocate this amount for personal use. I am justifying this purchase because the money I received was also not budgeted for so it was basically surprise income.

Anyway it is getting late and I do have to wake up early tomorrow to catch a ride so good night and may tomorrow bring us all financial blessings as well as spiritual ones.