I love shopping in bulk as a way to save money. The whole point of buying larger quantities is to get more items at a lower cost per item.

However sometimes bulk can be more expensive per item as I recently found out. Keep reading for more details!

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I was looking for a certain item that I purchase regularly in store. This item usually costs 50 cents per pack. I looked online and it showed a pack of 12 for $7.09. Lets break that down:

Cost analysis

Single item in store = 50 cents

12 singles in store = $6

12 items online = $7.09

You don’t need any fancy math skills to realize the cost difference here. It is cheaper to buy 12 singles (if you want that many) instead of one 12 pack.

I wondered if the price difference was just because of the online availability. I actually found that the 12 pack was also more costly in store as well.

I really do love this item and will buy 12 singles and save a few coins.

Have you ever found that a bulk purchase was more pricey per item? Let us know in the comments!