Hi everyone, Dinero here doing a little guest post. I am new to this blogging thing so bear with me a little bit. I am helping Lulu to save money because she fell off the frugal wagon today a little bit.

It was cold today and she got the day off. She decided to put on the main heater because the apartment was a bit chilly.

Silly human!

Well I know how she is always trying to find ways to save money and I know that the heater is expensive so I decided to nudge her back to reality.

dineroI let out a yowl and stood looking the ceiling where the central heating vents are. I then proceeded to walk in circles and meowing constantly all while looking from her to the vent until she got the idea.

Lulu went to put off the offending central heating and turned on the space heater in the bedroom instead. I then jumped up on the bed with her and we snuggled down to watch a movie.

She will thank me next month when the electricity bill is not sky high…and then she can use that money to buy me a new toy.

Until next time, Dinero out.

pawprint (image from with a paw print….y’all know I can’t hold a pen!