I have been averaging only having to buy gas about every two months. This is because I live close to school and take the campus shuttle most days. It is included in my tuition and fees and student parking is not only horrendous but you still have to take a shuttle from the parking lot anyway.

I have been very fortunate (or cursed, depending on how you view it) to not have to travel much to hang out with friends. Usually we will be on campus and decide to walk to a place that is nearby to eat. In other cases someone will just swing by my apartment to pick me up and I don’t even have to spring for gas.

gas gauge

I normally fill up when my tank gets to about half full because I don’t ever want to be caught in a situation where I need to get gas on the run. This time it was a little below half and I spent $39.65 to fill it up!

Although this is almost half of the gas budget for the month, I did not buy gas last month so I have that extra amount to roll over to this month just in case the price of gas goes sky high or I do decide to get in some extra driving.

I will also earn cash back on the gas that I needed to buy anyway so there is a silver lining to the shock of the high bill on this purchase.