Many Black Friday sales are starting on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving. This is normally not an issue since the sales are online. This year I am seeing sales IN STORE on Thursday.

JC Penney has doors opening at 3 pm on Thursday in select areas.

Ulta Beauty opens at 6 pm for Black Friday sales.

The point of Thanksgiving is to be with friends and family. Those who have to work on Thursday will miss out on that time. I know that retail and food workers sign up for a different lifestyle. You are expected to work holidays. However, the day after Thanksgiving is the big sale day.

Black Friday

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Everyone works long hours on Black Friday but at least you get Thursday off. I worked in retail and food so I know what it is like.

I do not agree with the Thursday store openings. We had to go in at 3 am to get ready for 6 am door buster deals. We worked long hours and it was crazy with customers arguing and grabbing things. Opening stores on Thursday means people don’t get to spend much time with friends and family.

I won’t be doing any shopping in stores Thursday. My shopping will wait until Friday and Monday when I can order things online and not get elbowed or trampled in store!

Photo by reconcycles