Oh say can you see? No really…can you see? Because I can’t right now. I recently spoke about getting my eyes checked and getting my new prescriptions. Well I got the contacts and they are working out beautifully.

I had my glasses made online after carefully reviewing MANY online sites. The glasses came back and I could not see properly. If I just looked straight ahead everything was fine but my peripheral vision was fuzzy.

glasses1If I turned my head around then the next spot I tried to focus on would swim slowly into focus and this was very disorienting to me. I called the optometrist and told him what my problem was and they told me to come in for a follow up exam.

The doctor then told me that my eyes are so bad (sob! wail!) that my prescription would cause some blurring around the edges if I decided to wear glasses. He said all that I was experiencing was normal and that I should build up my time wearing the glasses. He suggested wearing them for ten minutes and then taking a break and then gradually increasing the amount of time I wore them over the next few days so that my eyes could get accustomed to them.

This did not sound like a really good plan to me so I asked him to make sure the prescription was correct because I thought it was strange that my glasses were so much stronger than my contacts.

The doc checked my eyes again and now tells me I can get my glasses in a lower prescription than what he originally gave me. WHAT?

glasses3Now I am mad! I bought the glasses online….but even if I had bought them in a brick and mortar place how likely are they to redo the glasses (even at reduced cost). I am sure they are going to say ‘too bad..that is the prescription you gave us originally, so you will have to pay for a comletely new pair’. Hey if I was a business person that is exactly the response I would give someone who turns in one prescription and then a few weeks later comes in with a different one.

As a consumer I am spitting mad that the optometrist gave me the wrong prescription and won’t do anything to help me get my glasses fixed. All he says is you could use either prescription and it will take time to get used to the new one.