This month I came in $1681.17 in the red. I was expecting to have a negative cash flow because of the job loss so that was something to keep in mind.

Areas where I remained under budget are:

-Shopping : I remained at $66.65 under my shopping budget. This budget includes household items, clothing and personal items.

– Home: As usual, I remained under my home budget for the month, based on the rent and water bills.

– Utilities: I stayed under my utilities budget to the tune of $42.26, even though the electric bill still needs to come down.

Areas where I went over budget are:

– Food: I overspent on my food budget by $17.82 which was not too bad.

– Auto: I had to draw on the Lexus Fund to pay for some repairs to the car, including replacing the drive belt.

– Health: I once again spent more than I had budgeted for because of paying for COBRA insurance.

I am still looking for new employment and I am trying to line something up but due to my particular circumstances I cannot go into detail about that yet.

I am also looking forward to having happy Valentine’s day even though I am not in the position I would like to be.