I have been using MoneyGram to send money every now and then to family members who are outside of the country. I liked the program because once you register online you can receive a discount on the fee every time you send money.

I had not sent money in a little while but last week I needed to send some money in a hurry. I would have had to transfer the money from my ING savings account into a local account and then withdraw it to take cash to MoneyGram. This would take me a few days and my relative was really in a hurry so I wondered if I could do it online instead.

I logged in to my MoneyGram account and found that not only could I send the money online but I could also use a credit card to make the transfer. This was a great discovery to me and I decided to use the credit card to send the money. There is a part of the online application that shows you what the fees would be so you can decide which route to take.

img from foundationsoffinance.com

  • Send money via checking account: $X
  • Send money via credit card: $X+2

It only cost me $2 more to send the money via credit card and it would be available in 10 minutes!!! I probably would not use that option in the future and save the $2 but this was an emergency situation and I wanted to get the money out as soon as possible.

I was pleased with the service and if I can earn some points from using it then I would be EXTRA happy.