On a point of order…I got this fixed but did not want to delete the post. I called the credit card company and there was a problem with the website. I did pay on time…and the payment did go through. The website was just showing the wrong information. 11/26/06

Today I noticed that I had committed a debt-reduction sin. I completely forgot to check my software for the due date of one of my credit card payments………………………and when I logged in today the payment date had already passed.

This is very, very, very bad. Credit card companies can increase your interest rate and or payment minimums for missing a payment.

I am always soooooooooooooooo careful with my payments and I have no idea how this happened. I have all the dates in my software and I still get paper statements from all my cards so I can be doubly reminded.

Yet I see that I missed this. Now the funny thing is it is not showing up in red or anything. There is nothing on the site that indicates that my payment is late……………except that the due date is definitely NOT today’s date.

Then to make it worse, today is Saturday….which means the payment will not go through until Monday….which compounds the lateness. How could this happen? Why did I not catch this?

And WHERE is my paper statement?

This is a fine example of how NOT to save money. I feel so incredibly stupid now it is just as though someone took out a press release about the issue.
I feel really bad about this because if the rate on this card goes up I will have to do the balance transfer ballet……and I am not in a dancing mood.