After that mini crisis with the credit card payment I decided to check my credit score. I hauled out my current credit cards so that I could compare the numbers with what showed up on the report.

Red Flag! There is a card that I do not hold in my hand that is showing up on the report. No….I called customer service and told them I do have one card with their company but my credit report is showing that I have two.

The lady says she has to verify my identity and so we go through the whole rigmarole of security questions. I answer everything without a pause and she says “Good”, then we move on to the next one.

When we get to the question about my mother’s maiden name she goes “No, that is not your mother’s maiden name”. I am baffled. I think I know my own mother’s maiden name, so I say it again. Then I spell it out. She still says I am wrong and she has to get security on the line. I am left on the line for eons trying to figure out how many mothers I have and guessing their maiden names because I obviously do not know my mother’s maiden name.

Security guy comes on, FINALLY!, and asks me the same questions and we get stuck once more on the maiden name thing. I really will have to have a talk with my mother for giving me the wrong maiden name it seems.

Then we get to the point where I do not want the card. It has never been used and the limit on it is so low as to be insulting. I tell them to close the card since it is useless to me. They ask why I never used the card since that would have been a basis to raise the limit. I say again……..very ssssslllllllloooooooowwwwwwlllly, I never got this card. Then (lightbulb goes on over person’s head) they find out that they never sent me the card. Someone mistyped my address so the cards kept coming back.

What amazes me is that they never picked up the phone to call me……………they just kept collecting the used envelopes and trying to resend the card.

We finally got it straightened out and I went back to peruse my credit report.