I just found this cute little button that supposedly calculates what your blog is worth. The mechanics behind it are beyond me but it said my blog is now worth $564.54.

Okay then. So what now? Can I cash that in and run off to Hawaii and buy a condo on the beach? Or maybe I can get myself a blue Lexus Rx 400 like I always wanted.
Nah, I am just playing. I put in a few other blog URLs for fun just to see the values they would come up with and boy was I surprised.

I guess I need to just keep plugging away at it. I just thought that was really cute and it made a deposit in my happy box for today.
I do appreciate everyone who comes on here and reads my blog or clicks through stuff. You are welcome to leave comments on my posts or give suggestions on how to make the site better.

If you are shy (yes you know who you are) then you can always leave an anonymous comment. I don’t mind.

The one thing I do say is that I read the comments and will not tolerate any profanity. It will be edited out of your comment……so don’t try to be sneaky!