Here is my monthly update as it pertains to June of 2007. I ended the month with almost $300 in negative cash flow because my expenses for the month were that much more than the income I had coming in. This means I had to dip into my meager savings a lot more than I expected.

The most positive thing I think that I had with regards to my finances in June was the fact that I was able to pay off the Colt Loan and close out that account. This debt was the smallest balance in my debt snowball and they are right, the psychological benefits of paying off the amount were very great. I felt so happy and relieved to get that payment out of the way….especially since it had some really negative emotions and memories behind it.

I was really surprised to see that I spent $262 on food, until I realized that a good chunk of that was from the days of the conference in Houston. It was still a very high amount and I need to cut that down.

I also racked up over $42 in finance charges over all the various credit cards that I have which do not have a 0% interest rate offer going on. This is still a very high figure but I have not been able to do any more balance transfers because I do not have a high enough limit on the cards that do have the 0% so I am still carrying a balance on the higher interest cards. I am working on this and hope to reduce those finance charges.

Til next time?..thinking of ways to make money online, save money and pay off debt!