I made a bet with my boyfriend on Sunday 11/26/06 that I could lose 10lbs by Sunday 12/26/06. Why? Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe I went a little bit crazy for a few seconds.

He did not think I could do it so we got the amount whittled to 5lbs lost in the two week period. That really got my blood boiling and I am convinced I can do it. In fact I will do more than 5 lbs and we will see what he has to say to that!

Answers to some of the burning questions:

  1. Yes I will give you my readers updates on the status of the bet.
  2. No I will not disclose my starting or ending weight. He witnessed the weigh-in and we both agreed on the amount and have it written on the wall calendar.
  3. I will tell you the amount lost in lbs and ozs as I weigh-in.
  4. No diet drinks or pills or laxatives will be used.
  5. YES I will win the bet. How dare he think that I cannot do it. Men!!!!!