Ok folks here it is. I got my income tax refund back and I have decided to throw it at the debt snowball. I put one eighth of it away in the savings accounts and I am putting all the rest of it on the colt loan. Actually all of the money is in the high interest account that I have with Electric Orange for this month. I am trying to see how much interest that will be.

I know it will be just a few cents but since I already made the monthly payment before I got the refund in I just decided to keep the money in the account.

When it is time for the next payment I will send the check via Electric Orange and I will have just $500 left to pay on that debt. Wow!

At that amount I will be able to pay off that one debt by August if I keep paying just the monthly amounts. I have decided to take the money that I will be getting from subbing and pay extra each month.

I was aiming on paying $150 per month which means I will be done with that loan by the beginning of July…which is a much better sounding time to me. Depending on how things go with my finances I may be able to pay $200 a month and then I will be free to shake off the shackles of the colt loan at the beginning of June. I hope I get all that money in so that I can make that big $200 payment in April so that I can be done with that loan soon.

This extra money will have to come from the subbing and what I can make off Cash Duck and the other little things I have been trying. I welcome your words of encouragement and your prayers.

I will keep you updated on what I am able to do because I am REALLY excited about being free of one longstanding debt amount soon.