Getting a financial makeover should not be hard and it should not be scary. You can change your financial behavior in small ways and then move on to the big things later.

If you want to save for  a big goal but just find the process to be overwhelming then why not start with a small savings goal first. Aim to save $1 a month if that is what you need to do.

Set your savings goal.

Make it automatic.

Once you have done it for a few months then go ahead and increase the goal to $2 a month. When you become comfortable with that small goal then you can increase the amount to something else so that you can have a higher number in your savings.

Think slow and steady to get to the goal instead of trying to set too big a goal and then becoming frustrated when you do not attain your goal. It is better to save small amounts that you absolutely will not miss than to try to sock away a large amount and then you end up having to borrow from your savings.