I don’t really like to shop for clothes and I normally look for the sale racks when I do go shopping. I usually head to the clearance racks first and then look at the regular sale racks before going to the normally marked merchandise if I don’t get anything on the previous two racks.

Most of the time when things are on clearance they are in bad shape..

-clothes have missing buttons

-clothes are dirty

-clothes are torn

In some cases I have been able to find nice looking clothing on the sale and clearance racks but then they end up to be either the wrong



so I end up not getting them. The sale and clearance racks are usually crammed with things of different sizes and styles so it can be a daunting process to go through them…only to NOT find something that fits or that I like.

clearance racks tips

I do realize that it is well worth the effort to take a little more time to go through the sale and clearance racks to find something that may have been originally $20 and is now priced at $5 because that is a good discount.

In an effort to save money when I do need to end up getting clothes I will be shopping the sale and clearance racks so that I can get the best price on my items. The clothes are the same anyway and since I am not a fashionista I don’t need to be wearing the latest trend as soon as it comes out.

I can stick with classic pieces that are not trendy and even though they are on sale I can still get something that looks good for less money so that I can stick to my budget.