I want a new tablet that I can use as an alternative to my laptop for work and school. Right now my laptop is a bit heavy and bulky and it is not convenient to carry it to work and school every day.

I have a tablet but it is very old!!! I actually got it as a gift three years ago and it was a very low end, simple tablet. In fact we got it at 2 for $99 so that should tell you something. It has served me well so far but the firmware is old and does not support a lot of newer software.

Recently it can no longer access Dropbox!!!! I don’t even know how that happens. I had set all of my apps to update automatically so when the new Dropbox rolled out, suddenly this tablet cannot access it any more. I have a few other apps that it no longer supports unless I use the old version of them.

I love Google products and currently have a Nexus phone so I have been eyeing the Nexus 9. It is a bit on the expensive side for me right now.


I have also looked at the older counterpart, which is the Nexus 7.


I have never used Apple products but the iPads look sweet.


In any case I want a new tablet that can handle all of the latest versions of my apps and is not as slow as this current one. At the very least I need Dropbox access because I use it on a daily basis for my notes and some electronic textbooks as well.

Do you have any suggestions on what I should get? Keep in mind  I am on a student budget!