I did not set resolutions for 2017, unlike most people did. I found that I usually don’t stick to them. Instead I have some things I know I need to work on. I think about those items and put small plans in place to work on them.

There is no budget resolution for example. I know what my budgets are because I track my finances in Mint. Seeing my cash inflows and outflows in the app helps keep me accountable.

There is no health resolution for this year. I use an app where I have to pay if I don’t make my steps…so I make my steps. There is also a group challenge for daily steps and I try to keep up with my friends on the app.

There is no study resolution for this year. I have certain things I need to get done so that I can finish my dissertation and graduate by August this year.

The list continues but it is not that I do not have goals for the year. I just did not ‘set resolutions’ like many people do because all the resolutions are ingrained into my daily life.