I am currently hating some of the new products at one of my favorite shopping venues. Bath and Body works is currently having their semi-annual sale and the sale products are just not my favorite. In fact I absolutely LOATHE the balsam/fir/spruce candles and that is what the shelves are laden with.

I cannot tolerate the scent of those types of Christmas themed candles so I really have not been back to shop. I will wait until the sale is over because I am really hating those candles and can barely walk by the store.

Since I have not been able to go in it means I am not shopping. Not shopping means I am saving money!

bath and body works photo

Photo by JeepersMedia

I know I can purchase online..but the same candles are the ones that are on sale online. There is a new line out for Spring but they are full price which I refuse to pay. The prices of the candles have also gone up so that is another consideration on whether I will get anything before the next semi-annual sale in June.

Photo by JeepersMedia