I decided to drop off a little something for the coworkers here for Christmas. There are over 85 people here so it was not practical to get everyone something.

I focused on a few that I really speak to and got everyone cards. I also got them these little candy canes with a gummy elf stuck to it.

They were soooooooooooo cute in the store that I just had to get them. I originally got them for the children I work with…but then I had a few extras.

CandyCaneThe canes come in a box of 20 for about $5 so I thought that was not too bad a price.

I took this picture with the camera phone (still don’t have a digital camera yet!!!) and the lighting in the room was bad so forgive me for the quality.

The canes come in two colors so I am not sure if there are two flavors…I just know that this lighter colored one is peppermint.

There is also a darker red candy cane but I have no idea what it tastes like.

I put the cards with the canes taped to them in everyone’s boxes on Monday and on Tuesday I got a few thank yous from different people.

I guess some of them were not expecting that so it really surprised them. It was a small thing….but it does leave an impression on some people.