I finally got one bill from my stay in the hospital and it took me a while to open it. I thought the hospital bill would be really high because of the time I spent there so I was afraid to open it.

I learned a few things while in the hospital and I knew that it was very expensive. When I opened the bill the first thing I saw was figures over $1400!!!!

Took my breath away for a few seconds because I was trying to think of just how I was going to be able to pay for all of that.

Then I took a second look and saw that the amount due by me was $100 of that amount. The rest was pending from the insurance company. Whew!

I paid my part over the phone using my Chase card and I am now waiting on the insurance to do its part.

I think there is one more bill on the way but if the ratios stay about the same then I should not have too much to pay when the bill does come.

I had a follow up exam with the doctor on Thursday….but more on that later.