Welcome to How I Save Money and tracking of income and expenses for the month.

Income for the month to date: $326.94

Expenses for the month to date: $917.48

Net effect: -$590.54

I paid the water bill and just spent $46.84 out of my $60 unexpected/fun money budget. I got myself three magazine subscriptions that are all one one year long. I did this for the following reasons:

1. I love to read

2. Those magazines have coupons

3. I love getting things in the mail

I will be getting those three different magazines to read and keep me occupied, thus reducing the amount of time I spend watching television or lounging on the internet. The benefits of this $46.84 will be spread out over one year so even though I spent that money now I will be reaping the benefits all year long.

I have spent $5.41 on dining out so far out of my budget of $25 because I forgot my lunch one day and decided to get Subway because it was closer to work. I am so mad at myself for forgetting my lunch because it was a really silly mistake. Every morning I prepare my sandwich and put it in the refrigerator next to my bottle of water. When I am ready to leave I grab the water, sandwich, juice and my snack and put them in my trusty little blue lunch bag. On the day I left my lunch I put the water, juice and TWO snacks in the bag and left the sandwich.

My snacks for the day were little fruit bars and there is NO WAY I could have handled eating only that for the day. Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!

I will see you guys and gals later as I continue my journey to save money and become debt free!!!!